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Happy V day 2017 _Choi Twins by she-be Happy V day 2017 _Choi Twins :iconshe-be:she-be 39 0 Happy V day 2017 _Saeyoung by she-be Happy V day 2017 _Saeyoung :iconshe-be:she-be 34 0 Mystic Messenger: Main Chara 5 by she-be Mystic Messenger: Main Chara 5 :iconshe-be:she-be 16 0 SDR2xMM_ Zen and Sonia by she-be SDR2xMM_ Zen and Sonia :iconshe-be:she-be 45 5 SDR2xMM_ Nanami and Yoosung by she-be SDR2xMM_ Nanami and Yoosung :iconshe-be:she-be 68 9 MM_Elly and Saeyoung by she-be MM_Elly and Saeyoung :iconshe-be:she-be 52 2 Mystic Messenger: 707 by she-be Mystic Messenger: 707 :iconshe-be:she-be 34 2 D.Grayman Anniversary 2016 by she-be D.Grayman Anniversary 2016 :iconshe-be:she-be 22 2 Miraculous Lady Bug by she-be Miraculous Lady Bug :iconshe-be:she-be 156 17 ChibiUsa by she-be ChibiUsa :iconshe-be:she-be 3 2 Akatsuki No Yona by she-be Akatsuki No Yona :iconshe-be:she-be 6 3 Happy Valentine's Day 2016! by she-be Happy Valentine's Day 2016! :iconshe-be:she-be 14 5 Happy Lunar New Year 2016! by she-be Happy Lunar New Year 2016! :iconshe-be:she-be 9 0 Top 6 Males_ Version 2 by she-be Top 6 Males_ Version 2 :iconshe-be:she-be 10 3 Top 6 Males_ Version 1 by she-be Top 6 Males_ Version 1 :iconshe-be:she-be 12 0 OC_Eunsung by she-be OC_Eunsung :iconshe-be:she-be 6 5



Happy V day 2017 _Choi Twins

Happy Valentines day! or soon to

It's really been a while and here is a valentines day gift from me, hope you all have a safe and fun time whether spending it to yourself or with other people!
This concept is based on purikura or those sticker photos that you can take in booths, I decided to just have both Saeyoung and Saeran be in this concept together, if you have played the game they both have a dramatic backstory to them and they deserve some love right? I felt like this whole story was very k-drama inspired and I hope to one day play saeran's side of the story if they ever decided to make that possible. 
I didn't really put too much thought while constructing this so it may look awkward when it comes to positioning the two in one none the less I do hope you enjoyed this piece and I really have so much to catch up on in terms of art work. I stopped for a while and worked on my blog and then I felt a little uninspired to draw for a while due to a lot of tech issues.

actually I almost forgot to say that I have two valentines day artworks for you this year, don't forget to check out the other one if you see this one first and comment if you'd like to see more!

thanks for the support as always
Happy V day 2017 _Saeyoung

Happy Valentines day! or soon to

It's really been a while and here is a valentines day gift from me, hope you all have a safe and fun time whether spending it to yourself or with other people!
as you can see i'm still aboard that mystic messenger train though I have not played it in a while, I still have a lot of fan art from then. I drew Saeyoung without glasses since I did want to see him without it, this is actually from one of the official art photos from the game excluding the sunglasses, I hope you enjoyed my take on it.

I actually have two valentines day art for you this year, don't forget to check out the other one if you see this one first and comment if you'd like to see more!

thanks for the support as always
Mystic Messenger: Main Chara 5

Here's more art I upload this week for the end of mystic messenger week on tumblr so i thought I should post this up on deviantart as well since I already made it anyways.
I really hate the term MC cause everyone has a name just saying it like that makes it sound really weird, but to be general i'll just stick with that. Anyways the idea of that fan art was to draw your character avatar icon thing that you choose to represent you in the game, I kid you not when I first had to do that I was flipping through them and was like.....and none of these look like me...great...well the closest is the blonde girl but instead with short mid length black hair...would maybe be close, ugh but was about as selective as their Asian skin colour shades for BB creams ( ie. very pale to white) That's when I saw the unicorn, then I thought...why be human when you can be a unicorn right?
wish they had a mermaid option..i'd be on that train.

anyways, so I decided to draw the unicorn since it was the avatar I decided to use for the game so far, later on I found out I could switch the picture to anything else so i switched it to a picture of Happy the cat ( fairy tail )one because I love fairy tail and two, I wanted to attract the right

well in this fan art I made what I think unicorn avatar will look like in human form, added my own personal style to it...and this is what I get!
I'm going to honest with you guys, If the girl with long brown hair was what we are all supposed to look like why give us options for the other MC's since they were never even featured in any of the CG seems a little unfair. When I was looking for fan art inspiration on tumblr, it was always that one girl with the long brown I was like omg I'm getting so sick of looking at her...

I sound like i'm hating, but I really dislike the character types that are used in this game, like how the character changes personality for whomever route she is designed to go into, I like the personality in Yoosung's and Jaehee's route because the answers are more general and tolerable where as I had to really cringe in Zen's rote and Seven's because that personality was portrayed like a complete air head...I felt like I wanted to toss myself out the window for every sister even was like " you know your yelling at yourself right? " when she heard me scream " shut up sheena! grow a pair! " out of no where one day.

anyways, I hate myself in this game...i'm like,'s not even me!!! my sister knows I'm playing this game when she see's me smiling very angrily...I mean I look not upset but there was rage behind my eyes...
ugh this game...I don't even know what is happening. 

anyways, here's the fan art, hope you guys like it, comment below if It's just me that feels this way or if you feel indifferent?
I feel like it's just me. Thanks for visiting 

SDR2xMM_ Zen and Sonia

So I uploaded this piece onto tumblr and I thought I should upload it onto here as well, the reason why is that in celebration of Mystic Messenger week, I drew two pieces both featuring two of the games that has overly taken over my life when I was playing it. One was Danganronpa and the other is Mystic messenger. 
I drew one with Yoosung and Nanami about a week ago and I drew another one, this time with Zen and Sonia. As for reasons why, if you have played super danganronpa 2, there is a huge part in the game called " free time" in which the main character gets to interact with various characters to establish some sort of relationship/friendship with them and while i was talking to Sonia, she seems to really like dramas and would quote lines from various dramas, she just seemed like she values a good performance and would be a great person to role play with if you have lines to study. 
And Zen is an actor, he values a great performance and gives his all in his acting, both are really passionate on either sides of the coin and they would really get along great.

Even so, the Ultimate princess deserves an Ultimate prince  aren't I right? So I made this piece based on a date scenario if they were ever to cross paths. LOL zen~ I found you a girlfriend!
I'll link below the nanami and yoosung fanart I did, in case you guys are interested.…

yeah, i'm actually not sure if i'll continue since I didn't get much of an opinion from the last piece, I was going to draw Chisa yukizome and Jumin Han, but I honestly don't know since I have others to colour still.

if I can get your guys opinion, maybe i'll consider it. 

so let me know what you think in the comments, if you would like to request a pairing I'll consider that too. write it in the comments!
if you would like to see more art soon give this a fav !
SDR2xMM_ Nanami and Yoosung

So I thought I was going to upload this a couple days ago, but I forgot to, so here it is, I have been seeing so much fanart on tumblr on Danganronpa and Mystic messenger most of which are of either Nanami paired with Yoosung or Nanami paired with Seven. I actually really like both games, I have been playing Danganronpa as I mentioned in the previous journal from ages ago, i also watched the recent anime on the end of despair arc, since i think I might be done with the franchise, i knew at some point i'll end up doing some art for that. 
that was when this spur of art work came from, since ive been consumed by both of these games, let's just put it together. at first I had no idea what i wanted to draw but then tumblr stared giving me ideas and i really fell in love with this pairing...they don't even belong in the same game, but it still works for me..yeah! OTP!

I just think it works since Nanami is the ultimate gamer and Yoosung can be called the ultimate gaming enthusiast. LOL.  
the best part of all is that she is not, that is the running joke in mystic messenger

anyways, I really do like how this turned out and I am super happy with the concept, that I might have other pairings in mind 

some of which like Sonia and Zen ( which is what I am currently working on)
other ideas like 
-Jumin and yukizome chisa
-Seven and nanami chiaki/ kirigiri kyoko

if you have any other ideas let me know and I might consider
but that is all, if you have played Danganronpa and/or mystic messenger please let me know what you think below in the comments! I would like to know your thoughts 
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Updates::| (Blank Stare) 
 July 7/ 2016

Here's to the summer favorites of 2016!
it's not really favorites because I have nothing to really structure my journal on, but I'll just talk about some things that i liked this month in terms of stuff I've been watching or products that I bought.
so this summer I don't really have any plans, but I do hope to visit family in Australia soon, I've been begging to go on this trip but I have to make sure that the my aunt is available when that time comes.
it has been a really bad year for me so far so I really need a vacation. One of which is that application rejection from the program I wanted to get into, there were a few pieces missing and they didn't give me enough time to get it and it was rejected like that without even discussing an extension. I've talked about this in my last journal. apparently that stuff was taken off the list as a requirement and they still don't see that as a reason to consider my application again. Another is the whole doctor hunting since my physician keeps disappointing me, I wanted to look for a new doctor for a while, but it seems like this city is full of people without family doctors and none are taking new patients. 
Ugh... seriously one problem after another and next was a job that I could have gotten, even if the pay was lower than the last job, I was still able to do the work, since I'm qualified but apparently there is such thing as over qualification and they didn't consider me for that low position, it was probably given to a grad student or a post doctor...seems that hierarchy favors them more than an undergraduate like myself.
So as you can see, I'm not in a good position right now to be saying that i have a great year so far and all is well...when it is not. 

But having said all that I'm, still managing well, so I guess i'll keep you

so where should I start? I guess i'll start with the fashion part


So If you have visited my fashion blog, you may have noticed a lot of Korean fashion inspiration and it's true, I have been inspired by a lot of korean fashion websites on styling lately
some of which are really simple pieces but when used with other things can make a few different outfits. 
I guess i'll share a couple with you. ,, out of these I bought from sthsweet, because the shipping isn't ridiculous, but hey when you live in Canada the custom fees are huge and there is no way of telling when you will be charged for a lot of these fees. So a little advice is to watch out for the shipping fees. Sthsweet charges a flat rate of  8$ usd and Stylenanda charges 20$ usd...which is why I have not ordered from them...even though i so really want to for years now. 

if any of you decided to order from there, let me know what the process is like.

if you have not visited my blog, I'll leave the link below:



some summer songs that I can recommend is BTS, their entire
most of my songs are from them now and If you didn't know they are one of the groups that I have had my eye on for a while now.

if you just want one song recommendation, I'll say fire.

Bts- Fire

another artist is Taeyeon, She's from the girl group girls generation and she has had a few singles and an album for a while now but her latest album title song is really catchy
I'll recoomend two songs and that is starlight and why

Taeyeon- Starlight

Taeyeon - Why

the next artist is also a soloist that used to be part of girls generation and that is Jessica Jung, she came back with her solo album and I really like all the songs on it. 
I recommend you listen to the titled track Fly before venturing into other songs 

Jessica - Fly

thats all for the songs, these are just mainly the songs I have been listening to the most, There are a lot more songs that I can recommend so let me know if you want to know any more and I'll extend my list 

What to watch: Nod 

i'm sorry to say that even though i used to watch a lot of people on you tube I don't do so as much now. I guess bubz beauty i always have watched but I mainly just watch her vlog videos now, her son is really funny, i'm happy to be able to see her life from when she first started on youtube till now when her son is growing up. 

another channel i have been watching is a dance studio called 1 Million dance and it's a studio in korea that teaches dance, a lot of the songs I get now are from choreographed dance routines from the dancers
I'll recommend a few in case you really want to check that out.

Lia kim _ chris brown _zero

May J Lee_Jamelia - Superstar

Lia Kim_Darwin- Dessert

May J Lee_Janet jackson- Burn it up

so there's a lot more but I really like these two dancers the most if you can;t If you like dance give this channel a watch, they are seriously good. 


So In this section I'll have to split it off from the others cause this section is it's own, since I have watch quite a few.
I'll start with a list, so that I can remember and look back. i forgot what i said to watch in the last journal, it was a long time ago after all. 

- Erased
- Super lovers
- My hero academia
- Re: Life
- Donganronpa 
- Orange
- last but not least. D.grayman Hallow

So I guess I'll go down the list, but before that there are second seasons to other shows that I am currently watching or going to watch but I have already mentioned them in previous journals so i'm not going to write out my thoughts again. lol.

Erased: I really like this one, it was one of those one's that don't look really good but the story of it is well done. I found a Korean drama similar to this called "signal" and it is about a series of murders that happen in a town that this guy used to live, he was able to go back in time with his present consciousness and tried to stop the events of child abductions that had happened. in doing so he was able to change a part of himself and become a better person than his previous self. It doesn't seem like anything when I explain it but it really is good if you like detective stuff. 

signal is much the same in which the first part involves a child being abducted, the detective at that time was in the year 1998-2000 and was working on that particular case. that detective was murdered before he was able to solve that case and the signal transmitted from his speaker transmitter was found by another detective in the year 2015. the transmission went from the time that detective died to a couple years back and together the past and present detectives work together to tackle the unsolved cases...little do they know that changes in the past means changes in the future. okay that was a mouthful but its a good drama if you want to watch.

Super lovers: If you like Yaoi...this a water down version of that, i like how the story is not just about two guys getting it on like other ones but more on the aspect of being a part of a family and what that really means. if you watch it you will understand what i mean by that. So I recommend this even if your not into that stuff cause it's more than just what you think it is.

My hero academia: I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this since it's really popular so i wont say what its about, all I can say is that its good, i've never thought about what it would be like to born with super powers instead of the other way around, the one guy that attends a school to become a hero does not have powers but still wants to become a hero. it's refreshing in a sense cause I was sick of the typical plot that seems to trend in all shounen type shows.

Re:Life: I watched and finished this recently,It is about a guy who is 27 and he quit his job due to some circumstances which you will know by watching. He was not able to get another job since then and lived his life as a part time convenient store employee. one day after a night out drinking with his friends he was approached by a guy working for a company called Re"life and basically he told him that he was chosen to participate as a test subject for a drug that changes the appearance of a persons age and that the experiment requires that they go and live their lives as a high school student for a year and after the experiment ends, the people they communicated with with have no memory of ever meeting them. You would think like...why would anyone do that, but it makes sense for the protagonist since his life was not as he imagined, he had nothing to lose. the story follows the protagonist and the relationships he forms with a couple of his classmates. there are a couple of plot twists and you will discover them eventually as you watch. But when you hear his side of the story, you will understand how much he is be honest I almost cried because his situation was a lot like mine and I know what he was feeling when he was put into that situation. lol. it sounds cheesy but really since the protag and I are of the same really hits you hard. I really do recommend this show and if there is ever a drama I would watch it too. 

Donganronpa: I tried to watch this show when it first came out but I never liked it, the reason i watched it again was because I have the first and second game. My sister bought it recently and we have been playing it. We are on the second game and it is a lot harder than the But it is interesting how people plot others deaths the way they do, I've always wanted to know why people do the things that they do when they've been put under certain situations.I watched this in english since i was already familiar with it cause of the it wasn't done too bad, but my sister begs to differ...

Orange: This was a manga that i have read for sometime ago and they finally made an anime on it, though i'd prefer this more as a drama, it was still done okay, it just started so i can't give my opinion on it. 
the manga was good though, since it deals with alternative universes, how both sides end is what it is. I like the interactions between characters and it is mainly about depression and if you know some one suffering from it what you can do as a friend. i don't believe they mentioned that he has depression it's just one of those things where you just know if you personally know someone suffering from it.

omg...last one, so D. gray man just started up again, i will only talk about the first episode since I don't know how they are going to change things for the show versus the manga.

D.Grayman Hallow:

So the first part I already knew was that they had to open the show again some how so there are people popping up where they were not intended to be. For instance the ship with all the exorcists, it was only supposed to be komui, Lenalee and Johnny and Allen, since the others were not supposed depart until the next day. but I guess they did that to re-introduce the show again and the characters.I guess if they had another season a few years back they would not really need to cause it would still be But the fact the johnny wasn't included in that since on the boat with lenalee and allen kind of takes away from the fact that johnny and Allen are close friends now, which will be important later on ....those who have read the manga know what i mean. What ever happens later on will not really make sense as to why he did what he hmmm...though You all know how much I like lavi, I'm afraid that he's going to be showing up in places that wasn't really intended, kinda would just through me off a bit. But whatever he barely shows up in this whole arc in the manga I guess the author is making up for it in the over all everything was like how i thought it would be and I'm not entitled to say any more since I need to watch all of it next journal entry should be enough time. 

as far as the voices go, i know a lot of people have been hating on the new voice actors and i find that really funny since at first people keep comparing the Japanese voice actors to the dub actors saying one is better than the other and now that has been escalated to dislike on the new Japanese voice one is ever anyways.. voices, new voice actors. I'm not ever sure I mentioned this but suzumura kenichi was the only voice actor that has played every character that i liked...though I didn't know it was him at the time. I only knew him as Lavi when I first knew his name but he's played the roles of several characters that i liked over the years before then. Reason i say this is because he's not reprising Lavi's role any more and that was given to Hanae Natsuki, also known as Kaneki in tokyo ghoul. 
I was really scared, to be honest...cause Lavi already left that impression on me, now it's kinda like getting to know Lavi #2. i'm sorry that I don't see him as one person anymore cause I cant...but that doesn't mean that i don't like the new voice actor in fact...I was so curious that i looked up a lot of things about him and found much more than i wanted to
he is a hilarious when he is drunk, there's a video on it somewhere...i'll link it below if I can find it. he's the one in glasses sitting on the right side.

hanae natsuki drunk

that video was hilarious, though I did watch this at night when all my senses are not so his new voice will take some getting use to but Lavi #2 is not so bad in my opinion.

as for allen's voice, it was done well i thought the actor was going to use his normal speaking voice and i was that will make him ten times younger than he's supposed to sound. 
But he surprisingly pulled it off well. 

kanda's was close, so i give the man props for doing his best with this.

lenalee's was a little ...weird in a gross way, it sounds higher than what the first actor set her range as, I can't help but picture a shoujo type girl as her now, since that range is usually used for those types of girls...I don't really like it, but i'll have to deal with it regardless. I don't mean to sound rude by saying I don't like her voice I'm sure it works for other girls but as you grow older your voice does not become higher.

I forgot what the other characters sound like so i'll stop here.


okay so that is all for this favorites journal...i would write more but i have nothing other to say, other than thank you for always reading and I hope you would comment since I would like to talk to you guys,
these journals are personal but its also a means of getting to know me. 

i have some art up if you haven't noticed and will be working on new stuff soon. 

so if any of the things that i talked about you have seen let me know your feeling on it, in the comments below.

until then take care.I think I've fainted. 


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